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There are many questions when you decide to start monitoring your teen, we are here to help. Here are the most common questions parents ask. Remember HAWK is designed so you have more information to start the right conversations.

What is HAWK Mobile Monitor?

HAWK Mobile Monitor is a complete monitoring solution for Android devices. The Basic version monitors call logs, text messages and media messages, GPS location, and web browsing activities on the device. The Premium version monitors all the items in the basic version as well as scanning for potential risk content such as drugs, illicit images, guns, etc. from the device. 

How does HAWK Monitoring work?

With Android device, an App is installed on the device to be monitoring or the target device. The App can be seen by the users of the device, but cannot be removed by that user without a special password that is set when the App is setup.

Do you support my phone I want monitored?

HAWK Mobile Monitor was developed to support devices with Android OS version 6.0 & higher.

You can find your firmware typically in the About Phone section of the Settings on the device.

Will my child know they are being monitored?

HAWK Mobile Monitor was developed to comply with the US privacy laws. The application doesn’t hide its presence on your kid’s device. If your kids are under 18, you don’t have to inform them they are being monitored. So the decision is up to you.

How can I stop HAWK from being deleted from the device?

HAWK Mobile Monitor provides special means to protect the HAWK Agent App on the device against uninstallation. After installing the app on the device, you can be sure it won’t be deleted without your knowing.t.

How quickly do I see the data from HAWK?

The monitoring after the HAWK Agent App is installed starts right away and you are about 1 minute away from seeing data.

How much does it cost?

The price per monitored device depends on the length of time you purchase the subscription for. The longer the subscription period, the lower the price. 

Hawk Basic starts at $14.95/per device per month

HAWK Premium is $29.95 and allows the monitoring for illicit content, weapons, and drugs from the gallery of the device.

Discounts are available for multiple month sign ups!


Who is Paraben Corporation?

Paraben Corporation is a longtime leader in the field of digital forensics and investigations. Paraben’s technology is utilized by a variety of federal, state, and international law enforcement and government agencies to insure the protection of evidence. Paraben’s Hawk Mobile Monitoring system was designed with parents and companies in mind to be able to watch and secure the data on mobile devices. Paraben’s inspiration for this system came from their own BYOD policies and the active roles of the executives as parents of teenagers. Paraben has been a trusted source for securing, protecting, and monitoring mobile devices for over 10 years and continues to lead this field.

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Are you ever concerned that your child might be taking illicit pictures? Are you worried they are receiving illicit content? What about guns, drugs, etc. All of these are warning signs that it is time to talk to your teen.

HAWK has a New Image Content Monitoring option in HAWK Premium. This new feature allows for content monitoring and alerting you to potential issues.

15% of teens say they send sexts and 27% receive them. 


February 26, 2018

Available NOW!

Only $15.00 more a month!

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