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HAWK was designed for parents by a parent that also happened to be a digital forensic expert.

 The data collected by HAWK allows you to see a general picture of what your child is doing online with the smartphone. Since a smartphone is the most commonly used electronic by kids it is the most important one for you to check and confirm that unlawful and risky information is not being shared.

How does HAWK help?

HAWK is a

conversation starter…

I hate seeing so many of the digital forensic cases focusing on child exploitation when it all could have been stopped with some conversations that start at home. Explaining what is safe and what is not to do on a phone is critical for a teen.

Amber Schroader

Mother of three , and Founder of Paraben Corporation and HAWK Monitoring

How does HAWK work?

Hawk is a

New generation of App

HAWK is an App that installed on the device you would like to monitor. The App appears to the user, but there are no changes the user can do to the App. The App simply allows monitoring to happen. The App can be used on all versions of Android OS.

HAWK Monitoring can be done on:

  • Call Logs
  • SMS (Text Messages)
  • MMS (Multi-Media Messages)
  • GPS Location
  • Web Browser
  • Illicit Content Monitoring in Gallery

HAWK gives peace of mind

Hawk is for

Multiple Generations

HAWK is a great tool to monitor the aging generation. As more and more issues can occur with memory loss and disorientation, HAWK can give you the peace of mind to know where they are, and how they are communicating. Seeing pattern changes can be warning signs to larger health risks.


What you can see

The monitoring done by HAWK was designed to allow you to see what is happening on a device in real time. The delay is typically less than 2 minutes and all the monitoring results are available in the HAWK website.


SMS & MMS from the device are monitored. Links to the images and videos sent in MMS are show to review that content.

Call Logs

Call details are monitored to show who your child is calling and how long.

GPS Location

GPS location data for the device is kept with options for accuracy based on location services being turned on or off.

Web Browser

Details on where they are surfing and spending their time on the internet are monitored.

Gallery MOnitoring

Scans gallery for risk level data such as illicit content, drugs, weapons, and more. 

Now that my kids know I am paying attention, they’re obeying my rules for electronic devices.


Nicole Gray

My son was addicted to electronics and couldn’t put the screen down. I needed to know what he was doing so we could talk about it. HAWK made that easy to do.

Greg Alan

I never felt comfortable spying on my son. With HAWK, I’m not spying. He knows I’m making sure he’s obeying rules. It’s that simple. Thank you.

Natalie Johnson

My Mother’s memory had started to become unreliable and I didn’t want to not know where she was. HAWK was a great way to know where she was and see if any of her other behaviors changed.

Alisha Jones

HAWK Pricing $19.95/month

Included in HAWK Monitoring:

Call Logs

SMS Data

MMS Data


Web Surfing History

Gallery Monitoring for:

Illicit Image Detection



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We are specialists

We have over 20 years in digital forensics helping catch criminals

It is a new world…

95% of teens now report they have a smartphone or access to one.

45% of teens now say they are online on a near-constant basis.

44% say they go online several times a day, meaning roughly nine-in-ten teens go online at least multiple times per day


Pew Research Center 2018


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